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CBD for Pets

Pets have Cannabinoid Receptors just like us, So they can also benefit from using CBD's...
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CBD for my Dog? Why?

Always consult your veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet, especially if they are on a special diet or take a medication. And Do Not give them any CBD if they are pregnant or nursing just to be safe.
Ok a little Science lesson first… See endocannabinoid receptors exist in the brains and bodies of nearly all forms of life, including dogs, cats, birds, even horses. Yet some people are very hesitant about giving cannabinoids like CBD to their pets, we can certainly understand that. You don’t want to endanger your loved one. However, what they don’t realize is that, CBD interacts and stimulates these receptors the same way that it does in humans.
Our pets can suffer with many of the same conditions that humans do.  Pain, anxiety, inflammatory diseases, insomnia, arthritis and even PTSD. The most common reason that pet owners use CBD for their dogs to ease the stress of separation anxiety or from the common symptoms getting older. Pets suffer with all the same issues we have as we age. Aches and pains for sure. So, why not give them the same relief and improve their quality of life. Especially when it is safe and they really like it.  I know our dog molly loves it in her dinner. Hey… she gets stressed out wondering if we are ever coming home. why do you think she smothers us with kisses the moment we walk in.
Please do you homework. A lot of companies use coconut oil mixed with “broad spectrum CBD oil” because it is cheap and often contains less CBD than what is on the label.  We use 99.8% CBD isolate in our pet formulas. Isolate means that it does not contain any THC. We don’t want your pet to feel “high”.  Also, manufactures use hemp seed oil and label it “Hemp Oil”.  But hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD and it is usually processed with toxic chemicals.
Never buy products that say “Units” as a “dosage” that is for sure a fake.  Make sure you are buying quality CBD products that are made form real CBD and not “Hemp Oil”. Please, Show your little ones you love them by giving them the best quality CBD with all natural flavorings. We use organic peanut butter flavoring in ours…
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hemp oil benefits_hemp oil uses_benefits of hemp oil_hemp benefits
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The Reported Benefits of CBD for Pets

CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
But... People who use CBD for their Pets have found it to be effective for helping relieve the symptoms of...
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The Endocannabinoid System

Our endocannabinoid System consists primarily of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors play a pivotal role in the biochemical processes that govern our mood, memory, pain, appetite and more. The two main cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2. They can be found throughout our entire bodies from the brain and nervous system, to the internal organs and even the skin. Cannabinoids like THC & CBD bind with these receptors activating and improving cellular reactions. THC binds with the CB1 receptors and CBD binds with the CB2 receptors. See the chart below for more details.
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CBD Recommended Dosage Chart

This is only a guideline based on what other people have tested and seen... If your pet is new to cannabis start slow, with a smaller dose.
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Got Some Questions?

We care for our loved ones too... so if you have any questions please feel to reach out anytime
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Yes… their bodies and brains have cannabinoid receptors just like ours. This means that CBD works the same for them. There is no way to overdose on CBD so don’t worry they are safe.

The best way to figure the best dose is by weight. See the chart above. For pets that weigh up to 25 pounds you should stat with 10mgs and see how they respond. If they seem very lethargic, cut the next dose in half.

Of course !  their cannabinoid receptors are the same as for dogs. So use the same dose in the chart, based on their weight.

We know very little about the number of cannabinoid receptors in a horse. Their has been reports that they have thousands times more than a human. Which means they don’t follow the normal chart for other pets. We have heard that people use 40 to 50 mg doses and they feel that works great for their horses. But we have also heard of people using 1000mg doses… (1 mg per pound)… Without further data we wouldn’t recommend that high of a dose.  Always start slow

The most common way is to use hemp oil tincture and drop it on top of your pets food at dinner time.

We prefer to use the oil on top of the food instead of treats. When you put CBD oil into food recipes it takes a very long mixing time… most often for 6 to 8 hours to get the cbd to evenly mix through out the batch. And for that reason we chose to not make the treats.

Absolutely not. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that does not get animals or humans high. Our CBD oil is made from isolate so there is zero THC, which means you don’t have to worry about your pet becoming high.



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    Our CBD Pet Products

    Visit our shop to see our other amazing creations home made by the real girls.
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