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Meet the Chicks

Read my story and check out the products i make... i am beautiful !!!
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hippie chicks blu
Hi Angels !!

I am Blu, & I use CBD every day

I experience Anxiety, sometimes 2 or 3 times in one day. Anxiety is very taxing on my mind and my overall well being. I constantly have the feeling of being fried or burnt out, almost like my nerves are on fire. I don’t like the typical medications, they make me feel tired all the time. 25mg of my CBD Raspberry tincture offers me quick Relaxation and Calming effects on both my mind and my body. It delivers me a great fusion of Mental and Physical Peacefulness. My raspberry CBD Tincture is ideal for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia and even Post Traumatic Stress relief.

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Check out my CBD Hemp Oil Tincture and my coming soon gummie busses
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My Raspberry Hemp Oil Tincture

Made with Sweet Almond Oil and Raspberry Oil
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My Testimonials

What other chicks are saying about the products I make...
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