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Certificates Of Analysis

These are all the Certificates of Analysis for each batch we make, it is important for you to see that each batch is perfectly dosed for your protection.
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CBD Chocolate Bars

We make all of our CBD chocolate bars fresh everyday from imported Belgian Chocolate and organic hemp from a private hemp farm in Arizona
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``Dark Side``



``Even Out``

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.






Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

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CBD Hemp Oil Tincture Flavors

The best tasting CBD tincture flavors in the business made with organic sweet almond and pumpkin seed oil with all natural flavorings.
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Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

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CBD Hemp Oil for your Pets

Our Pet Tincture is made with the worlds finest organic sweet almond and flax seed oil blended with all natural peanut butter flavoring.
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``Big Dawg``

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

Batch C.O.A.

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CBD Hemp Oil Pain Cream

Our home made pain relief creams are made with the worlds finest ingredients and organic Hemp oil from Arizona
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Batch C.O.A.

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